Why "End the Wait?"

"Wait List."

It sounds benign, like something you’re put on when you can’t get a reservation at your favorite restaurant.

But the 100,000 on the kidney transplant wait list aren’t just waiting, they’re suffering – literally fighting to stay alive. For most, dialysis is just a stop gap measure and a grueling treatment that can be painful and life-threatening.

In addition, patient’s families suffer as well – living for years in intense emotional and financial stress which takes a detrimental toll on everyone. Ending the wait doesn’t just save 100,000 lives, it saves families and ends suffering for hundreds of thousands.

Beyond the 100,000 on the list, there are many times that those with kidney failure struggle to become healthy enough just to get on the list, being unable to do so because of complications created by reactions to medication, dialysis, or other treatments.

Ending the wait list will give them hope and help SAVE THEIR LIVES as well, since there will be no waiting once they’re able to qualify for a transplant.

The End the Wait Foundation and film will also raise awareness for chronic kidney disease, helping the 38 million Americans suffering from it to know the symptoms and get help early before their kidneys fail.

Also, by creating a grassroots movement that ends the kidney transplant wait list through a nationwide surge of altruistic giving that saves and impacts millions of lives, we hope to change the cultural mindset with a revival of selfless giving. 

That’s why we want to End the Wait.
Don’t you? If so, join our team today!