Welcome to the End the Wait Challenge!

Please watch this short video and our star Dean Cain will explain what you need to do.

Thank you for taking part in our challenge! By doing so you are directly helping save the lives of the 100,000 people on the kidney transplant waitlist!
There is a solution to ending the wait list – more live donors. And it has been proven that raising awareness through personal stories is the key to inspiring people to volunteer to donate. Sharing your story of how kidney disease has affected you, or someone you know, will do one of two things:
1. Bring awareness to End the Wait and help us toward our goal of producing a film that will create nation-wide awareness and inspire 100,000 people to donate a kidney. 
 2. Inspire someone to donate a kidney now! 13 people die every day waiting for a kidney so there are many who can’t wait until the movie gets made. And we want to save them, too! 


1. Please share a short video on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok

Post a video about how you or someone you know has been affected by kidney disease – just as it does over 37 million Americans. If you have a photo of the person, please hold it while telling their story.

A graphic showing that one-in-ten people suffer from kidney disease.

Who should you talk about? Well...

Maybe they’re on the kidney transplant waitlist.
Maybe it’s someone on dialysis.
Maybe their life was saved by a donation. 
Maybe it’s a person struggling daily with kidney disease not yet on dialysis or the waitlist.
Maybe they were a live kidney donor and saved someone’s life (we call them heroes!).
Maybe their life saved another through donation after they died (also heroes!).
Maybe it’s someone you saw on the news whose story touched or inspired you. 
Or maybe they were unfortunately one of more than 55,000 people that die every year from kidney disease.
2. CHALLENGE three friends to do the same at the end of your video
3. Tag us at #endthewaitmovie


THAT’S IT! No ice over the head or anything. Because to End the Wait for a kidney transplant we know that telling a personal story is the best way to inspire people to help.
If you have any questions, please contact us at info@endthewait.
THANK YOU from the entire End the Wait Team!